Why Choose Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine?

Why Choose Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine?

Fiber laser rust removal becomes more popular in recent years which has great performance in cleaning mold, rust, graffiti, oil, etc and suitable for many industries.

For backpack laser cleaning machine, there are many advantages:

  • Simple to use: The backpack laser cleaning machine comes with adjustable straps, providing hands-free convenience while in operation.
  • Integrated battery design: Built in battery can provide wireless mobile cleaning which is more convenient for complex scenarios such as working at height.
  • Non-contact cleaning: The handheld laser cleaner offers highly efficient, non-contact cleaning without damaging original materials.
  • Wide applications: Ideal for a variety of industrial applications, such as shipbuilding, auto parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, and rail transit.
  • Protect the lens: Equipped with blowing protection device which can reduce the damage to the lens and prolong the lifetime of the laser cleaning lens

The battery display at real-time which can help you improving your working experience by using this backpack laser cleaner


OF COURSE! The backpack laser rust remover can be used with battery and without battery.
If you choose the battery included type, you can use it under the battery power supply.
If you choose the without battery type, you can use charging to supply this backpack laser cleaning machine.
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