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Demo Service of Laser Cleaning Machine - KY, USA

Demo Service of Laser Cleaning Machine - KY, USA

US Based Local Support

BLC-2000/BLC-3000 Laser Cleaning Machine (2000W/3000W CW Laser Cleaner)



  • Demonstration at Your Place 
  • Demo Cleaning at Demo Site
  • Laser Cleaning Services


Hello I am Jim, I have a dog, names Jag, this is what I did after retiring from 40 years in coating industry.

Looking around something to do afterwards, I discovered laser cleaning, and then I found ZAC Laser.

I found the people in ZAC Laser like Linda, Frank, Maggie, and Rita to be most helpful and informative.

I will be working independently alongside them to provide you with a better laser cleaning service experience.

Note: The date and time will be determined according to the Jim’s preferences and availability. If the scheduled time conflicts, we will reschedule at your convenience.
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