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Delivering Quality Since 2004: ZAC's Commitment to Excellence

We are ZAC, the manufacturer of mechanical products since 2004. 
We know quality products does great important to customers, so we strive to offer cost effective and quality prodcuts. 
Our products have passed the certification of high-tech enterprises, and we have established research and development institutions such as municipal engineering technology centers and municipal enterprise technology centers.

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Pioneering laser technology since 2004, transforming industries with precision and innovation.

Business Startup

Established in February 2004, we are a private enterprise dedicated to becoming a national high-tech leader across various industrial segments. With 83 domestic and international patents, we operate as a global manufacturing hub, exporting approximately 70% of our products to 85 countries and regions.
Since our establishment, our mission has been clear: to provide top-tier products and service to our valued customers. With a focus on expanding our global presence and solidifying the reputation of the ZAC brand, we consistently enhance our production capabilities, drive innovation through advanced research and development, stay ahead with cutting-edge technologies, and prioritize meeting our customers' needs.

Perfect Research and Design

We have made a significant investment of nearly $2 million in state-of-the-art research and production equipment to ensure top-notch quality and innovation in our manufacturing processes.

Exquisite Products

Empowered by advanced equipment and a skilled workforce, we continuously innovate our product offerings, ensuring they align with the latest trends and address our customers' genuine requirements.

Fast and Safe Shipping

Our sought-after products are readily available in both China and US warehouses for swift delivery. With express shipping, customers enjoy doorstep delivery, typically within 5-8 days.

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Our History


Max Ding founded Luoyang Xincheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., specializing in the manufacturing, processing, and maintenance of mechanical equipment, CNC tools and accessories, and mechanical spare parts.


With the authority for independent import and export, we've opened doors for our products to reach customers worldwide, expanding accessibility and garnering global recognition.


Prompted by industry challenges, we innovated with a spark erosion machine, swiftly resolving tap extraction issues and alleviating customer concerns.


We embarked on a transformative journey, moving our warehouse and production workshop to a sprawling 30,000-square-foot facility. This new space seamlessly integrates processing, quality inspection, and storage, embodying our commitment to efficiency and excellence.


We embarked on a journey of lase technology exploration, introducing cutting-edge products such as laser cleaning machines, laser engraving machines, etc. Our quest extended beyond conventional boundaries, seeking to harness the power of lasers to tackle challenges where traditional methods fall short, revolutionizing solutions across diverse applications.


We were honored to be interviewed by the "Tracing Back" program team from China Central Television (CCTV), further solidifying our reputation and visibility both domestically and internationally.


Our SFX Laser trademark was successfully registered in the United States, marking a significant step forward in our global presence and commitment to excellence.


Our subsidiary brand ZAC was successfully registered, further diversifying our brand portfolio and strengthening our commitment to quality and innovation.


We celebrated our 20th anniversary, underscoring our ongoing pursuit of excellence and continuous dedication to our mission: Quality Products Move the World!

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