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USA-ZAC JPT Handheld Laser Rust Removal 2000W Laser Cleaner for Oil Paint Graffiti Mold (Used)

USA-ZAC JPT Handheld Laser Rust Removal 2000W Laser Cleaner for Oil Paint Graffiti Mold (Used)

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  • LC-2000: 3 Units

    Condition: Very Good

    Manufacturing Date:2022


    • Laser Source: JPT; Laser type: Continuous/modulation; Laser wavelength: 1080±1nm; Scan width: 10-160mm; Cleaning efficiency: 15-45m²/h; Total power: 5500-9500W(including chiller); Voltage: 380V 3-phase; Cable length: 10m. Machine Dimension 34.25*22.05*41.34in.
    • JPT handheld laser cleaning machine can be used continuously without burning the lens. Non-contact 360° cleaning, not limited by space and location, environmentally friendly without consumables
    • Upgraded laser cleaning head. Independent research and development, lightweight and easy to use. 400mm focal length, cleaning width up to 160mm. Flexible and easy to clean on large irregular workpieces.
    • Widely used in mold cleaning, paint stripping or coating removal, pre-treatment of parts before spraying, aerospace component cleaning, oxides removal pre-treatment before soldering or welding, oil pollution and product residues removal, cultural relics cleaning and repair, etc.


    • Laser Source:JPT 2000W
    • Scan Width:10-160mm
    • Laser Type: Continuous/Modulation
    • Total Power: 5500-9500W(Including Chiller)
    • Cleaning Efficiency:15-45m²/h
    • Cable Length:Standard 10m
    • Laser Wavelength:1080±10nm
    • Voltage: 380V(2000W)
    • Environment Humidity:≤70% without condensation
    • Cooling Method:Water cooling
    • Cooling Water Requirements:Purified or distilled water
    • Machine Weight:396.83lbs


    1 Year Warranty for the Whole Machine and the Laser Source. No additional cost. English operation interface. Parameters are intuitive and adjustable. Lifetime technical assistance. Delivered to your door directly by DHL/UPS. 


    • Demostration service in NY, US
    • After Sale Center in NY, US
    • Remote Assistance for operation issues
    • Lifetime Online Technical Support
    • Free Shipping to Your Door by Air (DHL/UPS) about 7 Days
    • No Additional Cost for American Customers.

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