What is the Efficiency of Our Laser Rust Removal

What is the Efficiency of Our Laser Rust Removal

For our BLC and LC series laser rust removal, the comparsion of laser cleaning efficiency are as followings:

MODEL BLC-1500/LC-1500 BLC-2000/LC-2000  BLC-3000
EFFICIENCY 3.9㎡/h 5.5㎡/h 15㎡/h

In the case of the best cleaning effect that 1500W can achieve:

3000W efficiency is about 3.8 times of 1500W, 2.7 times of 2000W


Cleaning Requirement: Rust Removal
Ambient Temperature: 16°C
Material Description: 0.4*72*8.3in steel plate. The cleaning area of each mode is 0.8㎡
Power: Full Load
Scan Width: 50(mm)
Scan Speed: 25000(mm/s)
Frequency: 20(kHz)
Duty Cycle: 100%
*For different materials, the test results will be different. The above data is for reference only.
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