metal and non-metal materials


Laser cleaning employs high-intensity laser beams to remove surface contaminants, including rust. Its uniqueness lies in two aspects:

Precision: Laser cleaning differs from traditional methods by its ability to eliminate rust and corrosion, thereby preserving the integrity of the underlying material.

Environmental Method: Unlike conventional methods that often rely on abrasives, which may cause minor surface damage, laser cleaning is non-abrasive and can safeguard the substrate.

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LASER Cleanigng on wood


Laser Cleaning Technology is a green innovation that ensures no damage to substrates, avoiding environmental issues seen in methods like sandblasting or dry ice solutions.

Our laser cleaning machine, designed for refurbishment needs, offers an unparalleled solution for paint removal. Gentle yet effective, it preserves the integrity of substrates while ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

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Laser Cleaning On AUTOMOBILES


As a vehicle ages, especially when exposed to humid, rainy, or cold environments, it becomes more susceptible to oxidation and corrosion.

Laser cleaning machines can be used to refurbish old cars. Laser cleaning technology is an efficient and precise cleaning method that can remove dirt, paint, rust, etc. from vehicle surfaces without damaging the substrates.

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laser cleaning on metals


Eliminating existing layers, such as rust, paint, or contaminants, is essential to prepare the metal surface for subsequent treatments like coating, welding, or further processing.

A laser cleaning machine can effectively remove coatings. Laser cleaning technology utilizes a high-energy laser beam to precisely target and remove various coatings from metal surfaces.

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