ZAC Laser Introduces New Product: 200W Laser Cleaning Machine with Self-Propelled Functionality

Summary: ZAC Laser is set to launch its latest innovation, the 200W Laser Cleaning Machine equipped with self-propelled functionality. This cutting-edge product combines laser cleaning technology with automated features, promising enhanced efficiency and convenience for users.


ZAC Laser, a leading player in the laser equipment manufacturing sector, continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its newest offering: the 200W Laser Cleaning Machine featuring self-propelled functionality.

This state-of-the-art laser cleaning machine boasts a unique automated feature, with a bracket attached to the cleaning gun, enabling automated cleaning as per preset movements. As the presets move forward and backward, the cleaning gun autonomously navigates, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage. This self-propelled function not only boosts cleaning efficiency but also guarantees uniformity and consistency without the need for focal length adjustments.

Furthermore, the machine offers a convenient detachable feature, allowing for easy removal of the cleaning gun's bracket to facilitate handheld cleaning. Users have the flexibility to choose between the self-propelled cleaning mode or handheld cleaning mode, catering to diverse cleaning requirements.

ZAC Laser's innovative product is poised to redefine the direction of laser cleaning technology, providing users with a more efficient and convenient cleaning solution. Anticipated to set industry standards, this product promises to revolutionize the cleaning experience for users.

Contact Person: Linda